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The Rise to Growth and Stability

On its 59th Anniversary, The Premier Life and General Assurance Corporation proved its remarkable demonstration of growth as to production. Over the past three years, the company has set a challenging standard for itself, achieving a consistent upward trend in its Gross Premiums written as provided below:

These figures simply show its commitment and dedication in delivering high-quality insurance services, establishing trust, and building strong relationships with clients and business partners.

Moreover, Premier's commitment to excellence has earned accreditation among the Top Insurance Brokers namely; Marsh Philippines Inc., PhilPacific Insurance Brokers and Managers Inc., Unicon Insurance Brokers Corp., Macondray Insurance Broker Incorporated, Howden Group of Companies, Trinity Insurance Broker, Banco de Oro Insurance Broker among others.

As The Premier Life and General Assurance Corporation is a year away in celebrating its 60th Anniversary, it will continue its commitment to sustained growth, innovation, and unwavering quality services giving full due to its stakeholders, clients, business partners, and the insuring public.

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