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Beyond ESG with Profiling Nature Risk - 2nd session

The speed and scale of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation is the highest in history. Biodiversity loss is the fourth most severe global risk over the next ten years. Join S&P Global in our 'Beyond ESG' series as we discuss the rising urgency of measuring nature-related risks & dependencies across assets, companies, supply chains, and investment portfolios.

Join us for specialist perspectives on:

  • Quantifying companies’ impacts and dependencies on nature

  • Informing nature positive decisions

  • Getting ready for TNFD

S&P Global's 'Beyond ESG' webinar series focuses on providing corporates and investors with the tools and insights they need when building and refining their ESG playbooks. Featuring interviews and discussions with experts, decision-makers, and visionaries in the ESG community, these webinars will go beyond ratings and scores to help see the possibilities in building a sustainable future while meeting the expectations of an evolving market.

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