Unlike the usual conferences, the AIS was conceived in 2014 by the then Secretary-General of the ASEAN Insurance Council, Ms Evelina Pietruschka to be a symposium, by which senior insurance industry leaders and practitioners from across ASEAN will have an opportunity to voice and share their perspectives during the panel sessions and contribute to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) policy-making process. At the same time, they can keep abreast of the AEC progress and updates on the insurance sector towards the AEC Blue-print 2025. Following the Summit, a Post-Summit Report will be compiled and presented at AIC/ARM meetings as well as to the ASEAN Secretariat.

ASEAN is arguably the most exciting insurance market in the world, with a large and rapidly growing population ready to take advantage of new insurance products and services offered in the post-COVID era. This Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders to share the cutting edge of strategy and policy making.

The 3rd AIS held in Kuala Lumpur in 2018 had a total of over 200 participants; of which 87% of them were C-suite executives or strategic decision-makers from the ASEAN countries, from insurance regulators’ offices and other insurance and related service companies. For the 4th AIS, around 1000+ industry leaders, including Chairmen, Board Members and Senior Management of the ASEAN insurance fraternity will attend the Summit, including future young leaders of the industry.

Source: ais2021.com