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You Need to Consider Personal Accident Insurance

As the world slowly returns to normal after the shock of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to take back all the lost time and all the moments. Businesses are undoubtedly going to be busier, and outdoor activities are going to be held again more often. We’re all returning to the people we were in 2019 – dynamic, bustling, and lively go-getters.

The pandemic gave everybody time to reflect. And as we go out and return to normal, it’s time to also consider having an additional investment for the self, especially when it comes to prioritizing safety. Thankfully, insurance companies in the Philippines offer a wide range of personal accident insurance coverages.

Personal Accident insurance, or PA insurance, provides the needed coverage when unexpected and injurious accidents occur. With the coverage, financial assistance and hospitalization benefits may be given and reimbursed, effectively cutting down hefty costs. All these, together with peace of mind, comes with being covered by PA insurance.

Depending on your company of choice, lifestyle and needs, the following comprehensive packages are generally available: Individual PA, Family PA, Group PA, Auto Passenger PA, and Travel PA.

General inclusions in PA policies may include coverage for accidental death, temporary and/or total and/or permanent disablement, and other medical expenses. Beneficiaries are paid on a lump sum basis, or by monthly income should it acts as a supplementary monthly income.


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