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Yes, You Need Fire and Property Insurance

Your home is one of the greatest investments you will have in your lifetime. Not only does your home have sentimental value but more important, it also houses your crucial documents and most of your private assets as well.

Unfortunate and unforeseen damages from fire accidents are unavoidable, but they are not always guaranteed to end up as final losses. How do you ensure that your home is protected and covered from direct loss, should perilous damages occur? Best for all your properties, there is only one answer: fire and property insurance.

Fire insurance offered in the Philippines generally covers total or partial loss as a result of accidental fire and/or lightning. For an extended and more comprehensive insurance, optional coverages also include coverage for earthquakes, typhoons, floods, explosion from falling aircrafts, malicious damage, and robbery and burglary.

These coverages help policy owners shoulder the hefty sums of rebuilding the physical premises of damaged homes or properties. It can be treated as a comfortable safety net - an investment which can be heavily relied on in times of damage and distress.

Fire and property insurance also ensure peace of mind should the unanticipated occur. In a country like the Philippines, unexpected perils often happen, in the form of calamities. Is it not only natural that investments are also invested on, through coverage and protection?


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