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Reinsurance Buying and Designing Programme - Advanced Level

The inaugural multi-modular ASEAN Reinsurance Programme (ARP), developed collectively by members of the ASEAN Insurance Education Committee, was launched in the early part of 2021 in response to the call for concerted regional efforts to raise technical capabilities in reinsurance. Endorsed by the ASEAN Reinsurance Working Committee, the Programme has to-date trained about 100 young ASEAN reinsurance executives in the various aspects of Reinsurance under the various modules.

This Capstone Programme was conceived to serve as a culminating learning experience for those who had attended the earlier modules of the ARP. Applying the concepts that they have learnt, participants will be grouped by countries to develop their own case-studies that are specific to their country and to present them to a panel of judges on the last day of the ASEAN Reinsurance Team Challenge. Learning will be peer-based as well as facilitated by mentors/coaches. Those who did not attend the earlier modules can benefit from the morning lectures which will touch on the topics that had been covered in these modules. A webinar highlighting the various capital management regulatory regimes in ASEAN will be organized prior to the module.

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