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Mr. Roderick Narvacan Chairs Technical Committee on Marine

The Technical Committee on Marine held a face to face meeting at the PIRA Board Room, it’s first quorum for the year 2023 to discuss issues impacting the Marine insurance industry.

Mr. Roderick Gil R. Narvacan, Chairman, Starr International Insurance Philippines

Mr. Angelito M. Lampa, BPI/MS Insurance Corporation

Mr. Mandy C. Velasquez, Malayan Insurance Corporation

Mr. Wenceslao Panuntan, FPG Insurance Company, Inc.

Mr. Edmond Geoffrey T. Oliva, Starr International Insurance Philippines

Mr. Carlos H. Yturzaeta, Resident Agent, Echo Re

Mr. Ken Porio, Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corporation

Ms. Arlene Garcia, Cocogen Insurance, Inc.



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