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Lest We Forget: The 1995 Havoc of Typhoon Rosing

Being the third intense storm in the consecutive typhoons to strike the Philippines in 1995, Typhoon Angela, locally known as Typhoon Rosing was a definite catastrophe to remember for the Filipino. With a 10-minute sustained windspeed of 215 km/h or 130mph, Rosing formed in October 25 and dissipated only more than a week later, November 7.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

Mainly affecting Metro Manila and regions of Bicol and CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon), the typhoon took almost 1000 lives in its duration. Catastrophic damage ballooned to 10.83 billion pesos.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Major power outages were recorded in several regions, affecting almost more than one-third of the country. The 10-minute sustained speed, together with its deadly 1-minute sustained speed 285 km/h or 180 mph, places Rosing in the Philippine list of typhoons to strike with the highest windspeeds. Officially, from the period of 1947 to 2014, Rosing is tenth in the deadly list.

The large eyewall was heavily experienced in Naga, where it tumbled down thousands of houses and electric posts. Landslides were also triggered by the flashflood and rainfall.

The strongest of Rosing continued havoc for 60 hours, unaffected and unweakened by its landfall.

Typhoon Rosing, internationally Angela, is indeed a solid testament to nature's violent fury. We must always stay alert, vigilant, and protected, for its not only our physical properties at stake, but also our lives and futures as well.



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