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Christmas is a special time for cyber criminals

The Christmas season is always a special season and more so for cyber criminals, as they take advantage of shopping days to intensify phishing attacks, ransomware and even dropping malware into emails according to Check Point Software.

In a public statement the IT security software provider said during this time of frenzied shopping for the perfect or last minute Christmas gifts, cyber attacks are intensified.

According to the company, on Amazon's Prime Day, for example, attacks related to the company increased by 37% compared to the average for June 2022. The strategies range from the creation of web pages that simulate those of another company, through phishing emails, impersonations to ransomware attacks.

According to Check Point Software’s Brand Phishing Report phishing is also a major player in internet scams. At a time when eCommerce is stronger than ever, it is necessary to be especially careful with messages from such invitations for offers.

In order for people to be able to shop securely and without any mishaps, tips for a safe and secure shopping experience:

  • Always buy from an authentic and reliable source

  • Be aware of similar domains

  • Offers that seem too good to be true, will always be too good to be true

  • Always look for the lock

  • Have endpoint security solutions in place

  • Password set emails

Check Point cyber security evangelist Ashwin Ram said, "Cyber attacks continue to increase, especially more so around such special holiday seasons such as Christmas and both ransomware and phishing are the order of the day for companies and individuals, so no one is exempt from danger."



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