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Cebu Province pioneers insurance scheme for govt workers

The Cebu Provincial Board (PB) has approved an ordinance establishing Sugbo Segurado, an accident and life insurance plan for all qualified provincial officials and regular employees, job-order and contractual workers, and co-terminus workers of the provincial government of Cebu.

Provincial officials include the governor, vice governor, and PB members, according to a statement from the provincial government. Sugbo Segurado also covers mayors, vice mayors, and councillors of the municipalities and component cities of the Province of Cebu, all qualified barangay (local district) officials, appointed and volunteer barangay workers, all teaching and non-teaching personnel of the Department of Education and Parent-Teacher Association Federation presidents of public schools in the Province of Cebu, and canyoneering guides in Badian and Alegria.

A Sugbo Segurado Committee will be created for the implementation of the ordinance, particularly in prescribing and promulgating rules and regulations.

The ordinance, upon its publication in two newspapers of local circulation, took effect retroactively in February 2024.

An initial amount of PHP10m ($178,000) will be allocated for the insurance scheme from the provincial budget and may be replenished when the need arises.

Insurance Commission

IC Cebu District Office officer-in-charge Ms. Terence Vanessa Tomol told Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia that the insurance scheme can be registered with the insurance regulator, the Insurance Commission.

“The Insurance Commission has pledged its full support to Cebu Province in this endeavour,” Ms. Tomol said.

IC officials say Cebu Province is a pioneer among local government bodies in operating the insurance scheme for employees and officials.


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