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ASEAN Reinsurance Programme (ARP) : IFRS17 for Reinsurance

The ASEAN Reinsurance Programme is back in 2024 with one of the most important topics facing the ASEAN Insurance Industry today, i.e., the adoption of the IFRS 17.With the implementation of IFRS 17 in most ASEAN member states in 2025, more professional insurers are in need of this training.


When: 24-26 April 2024

Where: Online Course (Virtual) - 11.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Singapore Time)

Who should take this course:

  • Actuaries, Accountants and Financial Reporting Professionals, Reinsurance Professionals, Risk Managers, Regulatory Compliance Officers, Legal Advisors and Consultants, Senior Management and Board Members, Auditors and External Reviewers.

  • Also suitable for professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of IFRS 17 within the reinsurance context and those who aspire to lead their organizations through the transition smoothly and efficiently, ensuring compliance, optimizing reporting processes, and leveraging the standard for strategic advantage.

A unique highlight of the course is the presentation by Malaysian Re, titled “IFRS 17 - The Malaysian Re Implementation Journey”, scheduled on the final day of the programme.

Registration link:  Course Detail || SCI (

If you need more information, check this out: eBrochure


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