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About the Module

The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII)'s much awaited ARP Reinsurance Accounting is back!

This application-based course aims to provide participants with more exposure to the know-how and mechanism of Reinsurance Accounting. Participants will learn the various uses of reinsurance accounting, the accounting related terms appearing in slips/ wording, including the administration process for proportional and excess of loss (XL) treaties, as well as the reinsurance accounting provision, method of unearned premium calculation and the alternative to reinsurance commission. The basic understanding of IFRS 17 will also be provided.

If you need more information, please the contact:

Ashraff Mohd Rasol +60 12 210 0465

Azean Arifin +60 17 649 2510

Santhi Mogan +60 12 652 3934

About the ARP Programme

The ASEAN Reinsurance Programme (ARP) aims to enhance reinsurance education and talent development in the region. It is an initiative under the ASEAN Insurance Education Committee and the ASEAN Reinsurance Working Committee and managed by the Insurance Institute of the Asia- Pacific (IIAP) in collaboration with the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI), the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII), the Thailand Insurance Institute (TII) and DAI, Indonesia. The ARP is a first of its kind, multi-pronged holistic talent and professional development initiative that combines technical training programmes with simulation and internships.


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