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WEF – AIC Webinar

World Economic Forum’s Insurance & Asset Management Industry Action Group (IAG) and ASEAN Insurance Council presents:

“Building Resiliency Amid Uncertainty: Enhancing Societal Resilience for the Long-Term”

COVID-19 has had a major impact on all industrial and services sectors across the globe. As Covid-19 traced its way through the Region from early year, all ASEAN members have adopted different approaches to deal with the outbreak. ASEAN is now learning to cope with the pandemic and the economic crisis that it has caused, thoughts are turning to economic recovery and what that recovery might look like. 

As economies begin to implement exit strategies in the region, join us for our Webinar. In this webinar we will hear from the World Economic Forum’s Insurance & Asset Management Industry Action Group (IAG), a platform to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange and further dialogue on the industry’s critical role in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of WEF ongoing efforts to articulate a long-term vision and mandate for the industry in the post-COVID world, WEF together with AIC would like to invite you to participate in the Virtual Meeting of the Industry Action Group on Tuesday, 25 August at 9.00am (JKT/BKK time)/ 10.00pm (NY time) to present: “Outlining the work of the Industry Action Group”

The presentation will provide an update on the latest developments and provide insights on how to navigate the complexities of new economic trends which may surface, post COVID-19. 

Programme (JKT/BKK time):

-      8.45 – 9.00          Participants are expected to join the Meeting

-      9.00 – 9.05          Welcome Remarks by Mr. Nopadol Santipakorn, Chairman of ASEAN Insurance Council,

-      9.05 – 9.10          Introduction by Mrs. Evelina F. Pietruschka, Secretary General of ASEAN Insurance Council,

-      9.10 – 9.20          Briefing on the Outcomes of the work of the Industry Action Group (IAG) by Mr. Andre Belelieu, Head of Insurance & Asset Management Industry - World Economic Forum

-      9.20 – 9.50          Discussion followed by Q & A

-      9.50 – 10.00       Next step

-      10.00                     End of Discussion

Time:     Tuesday, 25 August 2020, 9.00-10.00am (JKT/BKK time)/ 10.00-11.00pm (NY time)

Pre-registration required, please register before 17 Aug 2020 by accessing registration:


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