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Tugade gets tough at the LTO

THE first marching order of newly minted Land Transportation Office Director Assistant Secretary Jay Art Tugade is to get rid of the two information technology (IT) system processes at the agency. This means only the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) will be used for all transactions with the LTO, which means the system provided by Stradcom will finally be sidelined.

For LTO customers, this is good news because the whole process becomes streamlined and all transactions do not need to go through two systems in order to be completed.

The old IT service provider of the LTO has continuously been pestering the leadership of the Department of Transportation to allow them to return to their old job, even after their contract expired in 2018.

This has been this pundit's biggest question — how an organization without contract or agreement can continue to do business with a government agency even with the fact that this is not allowed by law.

Not to mention that during the helm of the old IT service provider, citizens doing transactions with the LTO had to suffer delays, non-delivery of documents and licenses, and even needed to use fixers in order to finish their business with the government agency.

The LTO director that Tugade replaced said he only wanted Filipinos to run the IT system of the LTO and not a foreign entity. This is misleading because the LTMS is a software owned and operated by the LTO. Dermalog is only the software developer and maintenance provider.

Anyway, now that we have a legacy leader at the LTO, we can rest assured that the improvement we saw during the previous administration can finally be continued. And we can expect better and faster service.


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