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The Role Insurance Agents Do

Practically being the first line of operations in the industry, insurance agents play an essential and critical role in the uptake and distribution of insurance products.

Selling insurance is no easy task – there’s a lot of interpersonal communication involved. Insurance agents must have conviction in what they promote, and are effective in persuasion in terms of making an individual interested in a policy.

But the role of insurance agents is actually more what meets the eye. They’re in essence, “sellers”, but the responsibilities that they have lie beyond. Insurance agents recognize a client’s particular need based on lifestyle and income. No client is ever the same, and the circumstances around one are always so different.

Insurance agents must recognize and identify which policies may be available and reachable for all clients, and then provide what may suit them best.

The policies they provide must always be transparent. Transparency is not just a role for agents – it is a shared responsibility that all policies are explained to clients and they are given proper walk-throughs. They then take care of the process, continue to check up on the premiums, and assist on claim settlement.

Insurance agents are “sellers”. But they’re also a great reminder for the public to open their eyes and consider their futures – together with the risk and needs that come with it. That’s the heart of the role of what insurance agents do.


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