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PIRA Meeting with Senator Gatchalian

PIRA Meeting with Senator Gatchalian and his team to discuss the Non-life insurance industry’s position on HB 4339 which is being heard at the Senate, the 3rd hearing of which is scheduled on Monday, February 12, 2024.

Present at the virtual meeting were: Senator Win Gatchalian; Atty. Sidhartha Garcia; Atty. Kathleen Marcelo; Atty. Harold Ian Bartolome; Michael Rellosa; Rogelio Concepcion; Atty. Theodore Joseph Campanano; Atty. Eric Ricalde

at the 3rd Public Hearing on the PIFITA Bill

held today, February 12, 2024

PIRA Exec. Director Mitch Rellosa; PIRA Gen. Manager Roger Concepcion; PIRA Chairperson Denden Tesoro; Atty. Theodore Joseph Campanano; Senator Win Gatchalian


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