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Pacific Cross launches 2nd layer health insurance with FlexiShield

LEADING medical and travel insurance provider Pacific Cross introduces FlexiShield, a second layer plan, designed to meet clients' needs in case their health maintenance organization (HMO) or health insurance plan reaches its maximum benefit limit.

"An illness in the family has an impact both on an individual's health and their finances. Some medical conditions, especially those that require confinement, can become quite costly to treat," shares Victor Tanjuakio, president and chief executive officer of Pacific Cross. "We hope to help ease some of the worries that come with situations like these with FlexiShield."

FlexiShield is a top-up coverage that fully complements existing HMO plans. As such, its premium is more affordable, compared to standalone medical plans. It extends the inpatient coverage upon exhaustion of the existing and active first layer HMO plan's maximum benefit limit. Members of corporate accounts, individuals, and families that are already covered by an HMO plan can avail of FlexiShield.

Benefits include up to P2 million coverage, daily hospital income for non-hospital expenses, flexible availment options (no cash-out or reimbursement), and coverage for Covid-19. Inpatient charges, such as required diagnostic laboratory tests; prescribed medicines; anesthesia and surgical appliances; and intravenous chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and dialysis are also part of the plan's benefits as covered by the first layer HMO plan. Hospital expenses incurred after the first layer HMO plan's maximum benefit limit has been exhausted will be covered.

"We hope that with the benefits that FlexiShield offers, we are able to give clients the peace of mind they need [in order that] they can focus on getting better," concludes Tanjuakio.

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