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Mendoza vows to pursue digital shift for all LTO transactions

Soon, motorists will no longer have to go to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for almost all the transactions concerning their driver’s license and registration of their vehicles.

And for a start, newly-stalled LTO chief Asst. Secretary Vigor Mendoza II said they will be implementing an appointment system for the application and renewal of driver’s license and motor vehicle registration.

Mendoza disclosed the plan amid reports of the continuous presence of fixers roaming around its offices, adding that this is also in pursuit of the digitalization that President Marcos has ordered all agencies to focus on.

“The appointment system is a big step towards digitalization of the LTO, which means that all transactions would be done online,” said Mendoza.

He apparently drew inspiration from the appointment system for passport transactions at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), as well as the positive results of its implementation at the LTO office in Quezon City.

Mendoza said that if the DFA can do it, the same appointment system would work for the LTO.

“This is already being done at the LTO Central Office and we are looking into replicating this process in all our offices across the country similar to what the DFA is doing. This is also for the benefit of our clients so that they would process their own transactions on their own without tapping fixers,” said Mendoza. “We assure the Filipino people, especially our clients, that we will simplify and shorten the entire process as we pursue the immediate implementation of the appointment system,” he added.

Mendoza said the appointment system is also a big help in dealing with the years-long problem on the presence of fixers in the LTO offices.

By pursuing the appointment system and eventually the shift to online transactions, he said fixers would be denied the opportunity to engage in their illegal activities.

“Ultimately, we would shift to online transactions in terms of driver’s license and motor vehicle registration so that our clients would no longer need to go to the LTO offices,” said Mendoza.




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