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Hurricane Beryl support: free emergency management digital tools

As we are in the midst of hurricane season and currently facing the ongoing impact of Hurricane Beryl, the Emergency Response Team understands the critical importance of being prepared for these events.

Our mission is to empower organizations like yours with pro bono tools and support needed to effectively respond to emergencies.

Join us for our special webinar designed for organizations in countries prone to hurricanes, where you will learn how can be used during emergencies and see real-life examples of how we’ve supported NGOs.

During the webinar we'll provide a comprehensive overview of our tools and templates for emergency response efforts.

See you on Wednesday July 10th

10:00 AM | Barbados Time (UTC -4)

If your organization is involved in emergencies, we invite you to contact us for support.

We are committed to supporting every organization and initiative with a free account and access to specialized templates for emergency management, along with implementation support.

Please feel free to share this information. Our goal is to extend our support to as many organizations and community initiatives as possible, ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need for effective emergency coordination.


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