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EAIC will be back in Hong Kong in September 2024!

Hosting the EAIC Executive Board meeting again after 16 long years is more exhilarating than I have remembered.

The EAIC holds a revered status as one of the most prestigious insurance events in the region, boasting a rich 61-year history. Hong Kong has been honored to organize this signature biennial event twice before, in 1988 and 2008, and we are thrilled to play host once again in September 2024.

At the Executive Board meeting held last Friday, we had the opportunity to showcase what we have planned for this grand event and the exceptional experiences we have in store. With invaluable guidance from the Executive Board members and Past Presidents, we have charted a new course for the EAIC. I eagerly anticipate extending a warm welcome to delegates from the 12 EAIC member cities and insurance practitioners from around the globe.

Stay tuned for the exciting program and a series of captivating events that await you at the EAIC 2024 Hong Kong Conference!

Sally YW Wan, Michael Rellosa, Allan Santos, Sheela Suppiah, Oran Vongsuraphichet, Erickson Mangunsong, Hideaki Amasaki, Somporn Suebthawilkul, Budi Herawan, Antony Lee, Edward Moncreiffe, Alger Fung, Orchis Li, Ellick Tsui, Geoffrey Au, Kate Wong, Phoebe Shing, Winnie Wong, JP, Polly Ho, David Ng, Janet Lee, Franz-Josef Hahn, Clarence Wong, Xiaodong Yu, Wilton Kee, FangBing Lu, Eric Hui




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