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DPC at work attending a talk on Data Privacy

From left to right:

Mr. Wong Onn Chee, Chief Executive Officer (Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity)

Mr. Eng Teng Wong, President & CEO (Pru Life UK)

A/Prof &Atty. Lanx Goh, Global Privacy Head (Prudential)

Mr. Raul G. Tumangday (NatRe)

Mr. Leandro Angelo Y. Aguirre, NPC Deputy Commissioner

Atty. Ma. Patricia E. Foria, Chairperson of PIRA DPC and Compliance Committee (Insurance Co. of North America - A Chubb Co.)

Mr. Argene A. Aguilar (Paramount Life & General)

Atty. Lawrence Mari C. Santella (Pacific Cross)


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