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Building resiliency for the most vulnerable

The first panel discussion was indeed fruitful with the following points made: the issue on the certificate of tax exemption will be put forward at the national office for discussion and the segmentation of tax on microinsurance will be explored. It was also noted that the clause that repeals the 2% preferential tax rate for microfinance NGOs was removed from the Package 4 of TRAIN Law.

The key resource persons in this panel discussion are: Presenter: Undersecretary Dakila Elteen Napao (DoF Revenue Generation and Local Finance Group) Panelists: Dr. Jaime Aristotle Alip (Founder and Chairman Emeritus, CARD MRI),

Mr. Rico Bautista (President, PLIA),

Mr. Michael Rellosa (Executive Director, PIRA) Moderator: Fr. Jose Victor Lobrigo (Treasurer, MiMAP)


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