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ASEAN Webinar on Reinsurance set Feb. 19

The Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific (IIAP) is officially launching this month (February) its ASEAN Reinsurance Programme (ARP) which aims to enhance the reinsurance education and talent development in the Southeast Asian Region.

IIAP Executive Director Francis Papa announced that an Intermediate Level Webinar on ASEAN Reinsurance Market Developments will be held on February 19 starting 1:00 pm. This webinar will serve as the kickoff for the ARP which was jointly developed by the IIAP with the guidance of the ASEAN Insurance Education Committee and the ASEAN Reinsurance Working Committee and the help of the Singapore College of Insurance, the Malaysian Insurance Institute, the Thai Insurance Institute, and DAI Indonesia.

"We are inviting insurance executives from all ASEAN countries to attend this webinar to get an overview of the reinsurance market, with special focus on our region. We will look at key parties in the market -- the broker, the reinsurer, the buyer, and even the regulator, and examine their respective roles and how they interact," he said.

The resource speaker for the webinar is Mr. Gabriel Manoughian, founder and director of inuRE Reinsurance Training and Solutions, with 25 years of experience in client management, collaborative working, risk analysis, negotiation, product design, business production, and learning support.

Among the things he will discuss are:

· Examination of market dynamics to show how the reinsurance market works and its day-to-day operations.

· Historical developments and how they have shaped the reinsurance industry.

· Insights on market trends and what they mean to the ASEAN region.

· Review and discussion of key challenges facing the market and how the region can better face these challenges.

"We want to provide attendees with a rounded view of the reinsurance market and how it is evolving so they can understand how the market is relevant to their business," said Mr. Papa.

Admission to the webinar will be limited to allow maximum interaction among participants. To reserve a slot, please contact the IIAP and look for Ms. Pao Laviña or Ms. AC Rodriguez at telephone numbers 8887-7444 to 46 or via email at Registration fee is US$80.


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