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ASEAN Insurance Diplomas presented at 8th AQRF Meeting

In a bid to fast track the standardization of trainings and qualifications for insurance professionals in all ASEAN member countries, the ASEAN Insurance Council has partnered with the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) Committee for its ASEAN Insurance diplomas.

Attending the 8th AQRF Committee meeting held online last 24 August 2020, AIC Education Committee Chairman Michael Rellosa and AIC Executive Director Bern Dywanto officially conveyed the AIC’s intention to benchmark the ASEAN Insurance Diplomas with the AQRF.

The AQRF is a regional common reference framework that functions as a device to enable comparisons of qualifications across ASEAN countries. It addresses the gaps in the education and training sectors and the wider objective of promoting lifelong learning.

Mr. Rellosa noted that as the ASEAN strives to build a single economic community with a free flow of goods, services and investments, the need for a standardized training and qualifications assessment for human resources become more paramount.

AQRF Committee Chairperson Megawati Santoso said the ASEAN Insurance Diplomas is the first sectoral qualifications program formally referenced to the AQRF. “The ASEAN Insurance Diplomas could pave the way for other sector to improve and harmonize their education and training qualifications through benchmarking their regional qualifications to the AQRF,” she said. “We sincerely hope that the ASEAN Insurance Diplomas will be successfully implemented and contribute to greater mobility of ASEAN professionals in the region.”

Meanwhile, Professor Ir. Nizam, the Director General of Higher Education in Indonesia, spoke at the AQRF Committee Meeting and highlighted the need to accelerate ASEAN’s collective efforts in promoting education especially in the midst of the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

“With most education and training institutions, from early childhood up to higher education and beyond, being forced to move their learning platforms online, the need for massive quality assurance in online learning has never been more important.

Not only is it important for us in recognizing academic and professional achievements of current and future students and professionals, but also assuring the quality of education and training received by our younger generations to pursue their future livelihood,” he said.


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