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4th Intake ASEAN Reinsurance Programme (ARP) Course 2024

The Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (IIAP) is proud to present the ASEAN Reinsurance Programme's 4th intake of the "ASEAN Reinsurance Pricing".

This module provides attendees with an overview of the reinsurance pricing process. Using worked examples, an illustration on how different approaches and methodologies are used in real life, will be discussed. Focus will be given to the key pricing considerations for a reinsurance underwriter, highlighting the reinsurance pricing thought process and how different considerations can influence the overall pricing.

This session will also delve into the fundamental approaches to reinsurance pricing (experience rating and exposure rating), how they are used not to mention their advantages and disadvantages.

With respect to proportional business, a discussion on how different pricing techniques might be used to evaluate the overall performance of a treaty and to determine appropriate commission levels, together with an investigation of the specific considerations for pricing liability business and how this differs to property business, will be included.

The objective of this module is to provide the attendees with an insight as to how property and liability reinsurance pricing is calculated and applied in real life.

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