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PIRA is the umbrella organization representing the collective interests of the non-life insurance industry in the Philippines since 1954.



Climate Change & Disaster Resilience

Recognizing the role of insurance in risk prevention and mitigation, PIRA works in close collaboration with local and international organizations to promote and contribute to the building of a more sustainable and disaster resilient society.



With the changing business environment and compliance requirements from regulators, PIRA engages in activities to assist its members navigate these changes and propose tools for uniform compliance.


Insurance Education

We have accelerated our efforts in advancing insurance literacy to the general public and promoting training and development for insurance professionals.


Legislative Advocacy

As the voice of the non-life insurance industry and acting always on the majority consensus of our members, we have consistently worked for reforms, raised concerns and championed causes directly with government legislators and regulators.

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Events & Webinars

We cordially invite you to this Financial Literacy Session. This is free of charge.

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