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Taal Eruption Anniversary Turns 2

It was 2 years ago when the Taal Volcano erupted again after 43 years. Taal Volcano is located 50 kilometers south of Manila, in the province of Batangas. On January 12, 2020, the day started with PHIVOLCS announcing an Alert Level 1. The day ended at Alert Level 4.

Before the strike of the pandemic, this eruption marked the start of the use of face masks for many Filipinos. PHIVOLCS Director Dr. Renato Solidum narrated then that seismic swarms started at approximately 11 in the morning. The phreatic eruption followed some time at 1:00 PM. The explosion was about 100 meters high or roughly 328 feet, which was seen by tourists and locals in the area.

Continuous eruption at 10 to 15 kilometers high were recorded prompting an Alert Status Level 4 at 7:30 in the evening.

The next day, January 13, ashfall was recorded in many nearby areas and in Metro Manila, with levels considered as dangerous for the health of sensitive groups.

Approximately 200,000 individuals were displaced and evacuated. Heavy ash rained and poured down on the villages, which ruined livestock, infrastructure, and houses alike.



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