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LTO eyes 100% LTMS implementation before end of October

The Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) has been created to streamline all the services being offered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) through a single contactless database system and digital platform. However, its full potential is still being untapped. LTO chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II has vowed to go full LTMS by the end of October 2023.

In line with the directive of Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista, Mendoza said a technical working group would be created to focus on the LTMS so that it will be 100% operational by this month.

“We will create a Technical Working Group (TWG). I want to once and for all that this TWG will only focus on the full implementation of LTMS to make sure that whatever issues we have on this computer program we will fix them,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza said he already talked to regional directors and district officers about his goal to completely migrate towards the use of LTMS when providing service to the public. Mendoza also said that he sees no reason why all LTO branches can’t use the new system since some procedures had been changed to accommodate the LTMS. “Hopefully by this end of the month we are 100% LTMS,” Mendoza added.

What is LTMS?

As mentioned above, LTMS is an online platform of the LTO where the agency’s services can be processed digitally in the comfort of your home or office, or elsewhere there is internet access.

Think of it as a one-stop shop where a motorist can process various transactions including driver/conductor’s application for renewal of licenses, requests for revision of records, and requests for Certificate of No Apprehension.

The LTMS is also eyed as a platform where motorists can settle or pay for traffic violations instead of going to an LTO District Office Cashier. If a motorist wishes to contest a traffic violation, the LTMS can also be utilized to submit their position papers for adjudication. Notifications of hearing schedules and settlement updates will then be sent via e-mail and through a portal dashboard.

Additionally, the LTMS contains vast resource materials for individuals who want to know the basics of driving a vehicle before even applying for a Student Permit. To log in to LTMS, one must create his/her user ID and password. LTMS registration is FREE of charge.



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