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Courtesy of MEIR: UAE - Health insurer launches bot to fight COVID-19

Health insurer Daman has collaborated with Microsoft to launch a bilingual health bot that will assist patients to conduct self-assessment on COVID-19 symptoms and guide them to the appropriate level of care.

The AI-powered tool is designed to provide patient assessment for the disease, triage and symptom checking, general medical information and medical recommendations, said Daman in a press release. The health bot will ask patients a defined set of questions and follow specific protocols. Patients are then advised to connect with Abu Dhabi Department of Health, UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention and the Dubai Health Authority for further assistance.

Commenting on the collaboration, Daman CEO Hamad Al Mehyas said, “We have a very important social responsibility to play during the pandemic crisis and protect the health and safety of people. The Daman health bot speaks to that effort by addressing queries and reducing person-to-person engagement.

“Partners such as Microsoft are empowering us with the right technology to better engage the public and provide the right level of guidance. The Daman health bot will reduce patient visits to hospitals, lessen workload on call centres, enhance patient experience and encourage them to proactively manage their health condition.”

The health bot is available on the company’s website and mobile application with the aim of reaching its network of over 2.5m members.

By Zuhara Yusoff, Middle East Insurance Review


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